Membership Benefits
  • Access to Squirrel Creek Lodge events.

  • Nightly dining.

  • Weekend dances.

  • Monthly special dinners

  • Priority Cabana reservations

  • Special travel offers

  • Free entry to all cruise and special event travel giveaways!

  • 15% discount at partner stores


Call for membership application, rules and rates.


Exclusive Membership for those looking to live life to the fullest!

All new members must pay a one time $40.00 per person. administration fee. This fee is only charged on your first visit and is valid for 10 years. This is a per person charge ($80.00 per family). 

Squirrel Creek Lodge is a private membership resort and is not open to the general public. You must be a member and have signed a membership agreement to enter, even if it is just for one night. You must also read, agree to, and abide by the full rules.


After your initial guest visit, your membership application will be reviewed by our membership committee and based on their recommendation you may or may not be offered the opportunity to join our organization.


1. Membership has its privileges​

Since 2011, Squirrel Creek Lodge has provided the finest dining, drinking and dancing facility. We do not tolerate rude or aggressive conduct and do not have any of the issues a standard  bar or night club encounters. Dress code enforced. No individuals under 21 allowed. Exception for weddings  or corporate events.


By joining our community, you will be integrated into a life you only dreamed was possible.

2. Nobody offers you more than Squirrel Creek Lodge!​

Squirrel Creek Lodge is a private resort providing a convenient, beautiful facility with world class restaurant & bar for exclusive use of our members.


Membership fees are subject to change without notice.  You must sign a membership agreement before qualifying for a membership.  Membership is at the discretion of the management of Squirrel Creek Lodge.